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Graduating students celebrate their accomplishments

What is going on here is establishing a new Africa. I have never seen any sight that touches me more in terms of what you represent for tomorrow.” —THE HON. JAMES T. LANEY, CHAIR, SITE SELECTION COMMITTEE FOR AFRICA UNIVERSITY.

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Infrastructure and Technology
Endowment Campaign

To  expand  academic  initiatives  and  enhance  capacity  for  research  and innovation.

Faculty and student research efforts at Africa University are already offering sustainable solutions to pressing grassroots concerns. Several University programs—graduate training that links issues of peace with the quality of leadership and governance structures in Africa is one example—are unique and break new ground.


Relevant coursework, community engagement and real-world experience are core elements of learning, which enables graduates to leave the University fully prepared to create new products, organizations, and jobs.


An investment of $1,000,000 funds a fully endowed academic chair or professorship and creates a partnership for excellence in teaching and research. 


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