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Dr. Aubrey Lucas, member of the AU Advisory Development Committee and president emeritus of the University of Southern Mississippi

We have much to celebrate in Africa University. One could hardly write a more successful case history of a college or university.” —DR. AUBREY LUCAS, PRESIDENT EMERITUS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI.

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Infrastructure and Technology
Endowment Campaign

The Goal

Africa University envisions the introduction of new programs, with particular attention to cross-disciplinary learning opportunities and fuller exploitation of its academic strengths. An infusion of $18 million in new money in the Africa University Endowment Fund is the goal.

Funding from endowment earnings will support the implementation of science and technology programs, additional academic chairs and professorships, research, and initiatives that prepare graduates to create products, jobs and wealth.

The university will also continue to refine existing programs to ensure that they remain relevant to sub-Saharan Africa’s development agenda.

For Africa University to remain relevant and effective, attract expert faculty, compete successfully for human capital in the regional marketplace, and retain the level of staff needed to advance its bold agenda, it must:

  • Engage/invest in program development and refinement;
  • Invest more in fostering student and faculty innovation/research output;
  • Keep pace as compensation levels in the region change.

The Challenges  Academic Chairs