Direct Scholarships

Scholarships are a lifeline for many students at Africa University. They work hard. They are persistent and able. All they lack is the ability to pay.

The annual cost to educate one student at Africa University is $5,565.00—which covers tuition, basic meal plan, accommodation, medical care, technology, student union and registration fees. International students must also pay the Zimbabwean Immigration Department an additional $200 a year for their study permit, bringing their annual cost to $5,765.00. Donors may provide either full, or partial, direct scholarships. Give Now!

Your generosity allows dreams to come true.  

You can support one student for a year by making a gift online or by mailing your check, made out to “Africa University”, to the Africa University Development Office, P. O. Box 340007, Nashville, TN, 37203-0007. For more information about direct scholarships, please call (615) 340-7438 (telephone); or email