Endowed Scholarships

The annual cost to an undergraduate student attending Africa University is between $5,565 and $5,765. This covers the basics—tuition, housing, meals, medical insurance, student union, registration and technology fees.  International student permit fee is $200.00.

Yet, for many aspiring university students and their families, Africa University’s affordable fees hardly matter. The majority come from African countries where the average income is between .46 cents and $2 a day.

Endowed scholarships are a sustainable response to the endemic financial hardship that results in an inability to pay fees and keeps talented students on the sidelines. The capital you contribute is invested and generates interest income. Africa University uses a portion of that income to provide an annual scholarship award to at least one student. The rest of the income stays in the fund to help it grow.

To generate enough support for one student a year in perpetuity, an investment of $130,000.00 is needed.

You may choose to gift that amount at one time or make a pledge and honor it in installment over a number of years. To endow and name a scholarship fund requires an initial, minimum gift of $10,000.

To learn more about endowed scholarships at Africa University, please email Ms. Josefa Bethea Wall, director of planned giving at jbetheawall@gbhem.org; or Mr. James H. Salley, associate vice chancellor for institutional advancement at jsalley@gbhem.org; or telephone (615) 340-7438.