Letter from the Chancellor, Bishop David K. Yemba

A Bold and Prudent Step

It took faith-filled boldness and the steadfast support of our friends and partners to achieve the totality of Africa University today.

Africa University is at an important juncture, with a critical task at hand. We’re seeking to grow our endowment to $100 million, and fund crucial capital projects, with the infusion of $50 million.

For my fellow trustees and me, this step is aimed at increasing the flow of orphans as well as working class and conflict-affected youth across the “Bridge to Dreams” and into the labs and lecture halls of Africa University. There are an estimated 53.1 million orphans in sub-Saharan Africa, of whom 30% have lost parents to the AIDS pandemic.

The campaign encompasses support for launching key programs that will serve as incubators for vital new skills. It is an effort to provide more resources for faculty members who inspire and mentor students, generate new knowledge, and put it in the hands those who need it most.

The campaign addresses the overall sustainability of Africa University and its mission. As the university grows, the infrastructure that supports learning and student quality of life requires expansion. A larger endowment will allow the University to:

Plan with greater assurance.
Fund operating expenses such as financial aid, staff compensation, building maintenance and facility upgrades.
Provide an alternative to increasing tuition fees in a context where low income levels already limit access to higher education.

Please make a gift to support the priorities of The Campaign for Africa University. If you are already a friend to Africa University, consider increasing your support and making a multi-year pledge.

Thank you.

Bishop David K. Yemba
Chancellor and Resident Bishop of the Central Congo Area