Honorary Alumni Association

The Honorary Alumni Association is an affordable way to make an annual fund gift to Africa University. Join with an initial membership fee of $50.00, and invest the same amount annually to keep your membership current. 

The annual dues of $50.00 may be modest, but when paid by a large number of people, they constitute a substantial resource. Your yearly dues help with immediate, day-to-day needs and play a vital role in helping Africa University to nurture global leaders.

Join the Honorary Alumni Association.

Your membership is needed. It will be appreciated, and it will make a difference.  If you are already an honorary alumnus/alumna, and you’ve fallen behind on your dues, give today to renew your membership. Become a lifetime member by investing $500.00 as your initial membership fee.

When we receive your membership dues for the first time, $50.00 or $500.00, and you make a "good faith" commitment to give a similar gift to the Honorary Alumni Association in future years, you will receive a certificate of membership. Thank you for investing in Africa University.