Who You Help 

Aspiring to be an agent of change

Jovithe Hatungimana is a sophomore from Burundi.

I see myself as an economic development agent (working)...to change the way things are being run, especially in the public sector where there is inefficiency and ineffectiveness. I would like to make a difference and change the lives of other people in my family, community, and country.

Jovithe Hatungimana, Burundi
Bachelor of Science (Economics)

Eager to lead with knowledge and wisdom

I hope to impact my family and community once I graduate. I want to be able to support my parents and siblings financially and even with knowledge. My community (does not have many) influential people and I hope to be one of the first. I want to lead with wisdom and the knowledge I am pursuing now.

Vanessa Lenge Masengo
Democratic Republic of Congo
Bachelor of Arts


Making dreams come true for a budding teacher

By awarding me a scholarship, you made it possible for me to focus on my education and put all my energy into doing well in my classes. Your generosity allowed me to make my goals and dreams a reality.

Agnes Mmasa, Tanzania
Bachelor of Arts (Education)