Why Invest? 

Restauranteurs' Legacy of Support for Orphans

Created by the Estate of Frank Kurt Hansen and June Shirley Hansen, the Hansens Vikings Scholarship Fund has had a 15-year partnership with Africa University. Since 2001, the fund has invested in the lives of four graduates who are now serving in social work, teaching and business.

Orphaned at an early age in his native country of Denmark, Frank Hansen had a lifelong concern for the challenges faced by individuals with a similar life experience. The Hansens were successful entrepreneurs who owned and operated the Vikings Dining Room in Toronto, Canada. In planning the disposition of their estate, they chose to share their success with promising students who would not be able to continue their education without financial assistance.

Charlene Kanam Nguz, a current beneficiary who is a senior in the College of Health, Agriculture, and Natural Sciences says that assistance from the fund is giving her the chance to enrich herself with knowledge, which she describes as “the greatest gift of all.”

As the sixth of 10 orphaned children, Charlene is the perfect fit for the fund because its directors aren’t only looking at need. They’re also deeply interested in individuals who show “ability, aptitude, and a promise of useful citizenship.”


"By helping to fund my education, you have not only helped me and my family, you've also helped my community," said Charlene.

Charlene aspires to eventually establish and run a thriving agricultural enterprise in her home country, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Currently, her country has the highest number of undernourished persons in Africa and the highest prevalence of malnutrition in the world. Hunger is a daily reality for millions of her countrymen.

To partner with Africa University by providing a direct scholarship, invest now. If you have or know of a private foundation with a focus on giving the gift of knowledge, we want to hear from you.