University Launches Innovation Hub

Innovation hub mission statement and values. Africa University has set up an innovation platform - i5 Hub - at its main campus in Mutare, Zimbabwe. The move supports industrialization and economic development efforts in the southern Africa region.

"This innovation hub is a place people go to develop ideas about new businesses, technologies and new processes," said Munashe Furusa, the university's vice chancellor/CEO. "They go through the whole process, even commercialisation and pitching up their product to industries."

In addition to launching the i5 Hub, Africa University is updating its existing research laboratories that support teaching, learning and community service in the health sciences, agriculture/natural sciences and agricultural engineering. The university has ongoing research projects aimed at malaria eradication as well as soil and fertilizer optimization in farming.

Adapted from an article by Kenneth Matimaire on the RadioVoP Zimbabwe website. Read full article here.