Why we need your support

Funding for Africa University is a two-part $20 million effort per quadrennium.  Through the Africa University Fund (AUF)apportionment, local churches support the current, day-to-day operations of the University. From the institution's inception until 2012, the AUF was $10 million for each quadrennium.

In April 2012, the General Conference approved a general church budget for 2013-2016 that includes a decrease in church spending of just over 6 percent. This amounts to about $800,000 cut from the AUF over the four year period. 

Also, traditionally churches pay approximately 90% of the apportionment amount, thereby leaving a shortfall each year. 

The second $10 million, to be raised through the World Service Special Gifts, is for a permanent endowment fund to ensure the long-term sustainability of the university.  Approximately $3.2M- $4M is raised quadrennially through World Service Special Gifts.  The interest earned on the endowment fund is used primarily for scholarships and other financial aid. Each year, close to 90% of our students require some form of financial assistance to attend the university

Payment of the apportionments in full and gifts to the endowment are critical to the continued operation of the university. These funds ensure the continuation of teaching, research and community service efforts that are relevant and impactful.


"AU will be the Harvard, Princeton, Oxford of Africa in time."

---Dr. Aubrey Lucas, president emeritus of the University of Southern Mississippi