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Africa University Preached in New Orleans Churches

NEW ORLEANS – Africa University was the topic of the day on Sunday, Feb. 20 when speakers representing the university spoke at 17 New Orleans area United Methodist churches.

Their appearances were part of the Africa University Advisory Development Committee’s semi-annual saturation event. Last year’s winter event was held in Jacksonville, Fla.

Speakers, including Africa University graduates, administrators, and members of the advisory committee, told stories about the university’s impact on Zimbabwe and all of Africa during their appearances. Many congregations collected special offerings for the university’s scholarship fund.

The university has a strong Louisiana connection. Dr. Nancy Carruth, a longtime Louisiana Conference leader, authored the General Conference legislation creating the university.

A member of the Advisory Development Committee, she sported a brightly colored Africa University scarf that she obtained during the university’s early days. She spoke at Rayne Memorial UMC.

Other churches featuring Africa University-related speakers included:

  • Carrollton and Metairie UMC
  • Asbury and St. Matthew UMC
  • First Street Peck Wesley UMC
  • Hartzell and Philips Memorial UMC
  • Lake Vista UMC
  • Parker Memorial UMC
  • Peoples and Brooks-Shaw Temple UMC
  • St. Marks UMC
  • Hartzell Mt. Zion UMC
  • Munholland UMC
  • St. Matthews’s Metairie
  • Thomas UMC.

James H. Salley, associate vice chancellor for institutional development, repeatedly praised the Louisiana Conference for its faithful commitment to the university.

“The Louisiana Conference has paid its apportionment to Africa University in full for every year since the Africa University Fund was created,” Salley said.

“After Hurricane Katrina, the people of Louisiana could have taken a pass, but they didn’t. They are faithful to God, to the church, and to Africa University,” Salley said.

The Africa University Fund provides operating funds for the university. It is apportioned among annual conferences.